About New Horizons Learning Methods

Our Training Approach Saves You Money and Time

At New Horizons of Wilkes-Barre/Allentown/Reading we want you know that there are choices for learning. We have moved away from traditional teaching and encourage student focused training. We believe that learning at your own pace is essential for your training success! 

How New Horizons Integrated Learning Approach Works For You

Corporate Training

New Horizons Wilkes-Barre/Allentown/Reading keeps training unique, engaging, and relevant by generating course content specifically for your business. This allows you to put your training to more efficient and immediate use. Proper training through New Horizons can increase employee productivity, while minimizing downtime.



Individual Training

New Horizons Wilkes-Barre/Allentown/Reading's instructor-led training provides you with an interactive and engaging classroom experience blending lectures, demonstrations, hands-on practice, and online resources.



Mentored Learning

Mentored learning at New Horizons Wilkes-Barre/Allentown/Reading gives you an on-demand training method where you determine when to train and for how long. If you have a busy life, want individual attention, and look to set your own pace, mentored learning may be a great fit.


Online Live Learning

Are you looking for a learning opportunity you can use not only from a New Horizons location, but also from work or home? Online LIVE training from New Horizons Wilkes-Barre/Allentown/Scranton gives you access to your training via an Internet connection, and you still receive your course from an instructor in real time.


Learning Methods Infographic

Learning Methods Infographic

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